Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Convenient Green Products

Convenience.  That's what it's about these days.  Pre-packed, pre-cooked, ready to go products make our lives easier, but don't always have the greenest concepts in mind.  Here are a few products that can make lives easier, save us a few bucks, and are eco friendly.

The Modlet, for example, plugs into your outlet and automatically shuts off the power based on your scheduled needs.  It can tell when appliances are and are not is use saving you tons of energy, and then sends the power consumption use to your computer, which can result in saving a few bucks on your next electric bill.
With e-reader products out on the market, new technologies are being created to produce ways to keep these electronics charged.  One of the most recent inventions-the Solar Kindle Lighted Cover.  It uses solar energy to keep the charge of the lit screen so you can continue to read for hours.

Other new technologies include the EcoNavi appliances by Panasonic.  These appliances use "intelligent sensors" to optimize the appliances' performances. The EcoNavi air conditioner, for example, monitors where everyone is located and adjusts its performance to optimize cooling the room.

And then there are a few products out there that aren't so technical, but are equally convenient.  Eco Bamboo Pet Wipes are great for when Fido doesn't quite need a bath, but his paws need to be cleaned before he comes back inside.  Or the idea of giving your cat a bath, is simply out of the question.  These all natural wipes help eliminate dirt and odors with a simple swipe.
Looking for other products that can reduce your carbon footprint and make life a little easier?  Try EnergyStar CFL light bulbs.  Chloroflorescent lights use up to 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer.  An obvious no brainer why you should switch!  And simple reusable grocery bags create less plastic waste, but are also bigger than standard grocery bags, and usually easier to carry.  Less time wasted lugging groceries in the house = more time for you to do other things.

Let us know what green products make your life easier!

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