Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Teething & All Its Glory

It's happening...the drool, the crankiness for no apparent reason...  Just after your baby has started sleeping through the night, all of a sudden you come to this-teething!

As early as 3 months old, you may notice your baby showing signs of teething.  Although this time may be dreaded, here are a few simple tips to alleviate your baby's pain, the natural way.

It's been said pressure helps alleviate the pain a baby experiences when his or her teeth come in.  Simply massaging their gums with a clean finger can help.  Some parents offer their children a whole carrot or celery stalk to gnaw on.  It's important that you are offering clean, whole pieces and not baby carrots, as this can be a choking hazard.  Also be aware that if your child has already cut some teeth, they do have the ability to bite off chunks of these vegetables, which again, can be choking hazards.  Always supervise your child with any edible or non edible teething item.

Other natural pain relieving methods include freezing a clean, wet washcloth and letting your child chew on that.  You can briefly freeze or refrigerate pacifiers or teething toys, but make sure to remove from the freezer before it becomes completely frozen so that your child doesn't damage his or her gums when chomping down.

Toys and teethers are available that offer different textures (and even flavors) for your child.  The Nuby Nibbler, holds fruits and veggies that you can freeze, and it's BPA, phthalate, PVC, and latex free.

Wooden toys are also a great option-just make sure they have non toxic paints or finishes and always inspect  for splinters, before giving to your child.  Sophie the Giraffe is a very popular item, as it is made from 100% natural rubber and is BPA and phthalate free.  This toy has a squeaky center that can also help entertain your baby.

Although this time may be rough for both you and your baby, remember that it will soon pass, and besides, who can resist those toothy grins!