Monday, December 9, 2013

Meatless Monday: Winter Fruits Edition

While winter may be cold and blah, we've found some dishes that'll surely brighten your day.  Get ready for a big dose of vitamin C and some sweet tanginess as we explore recipes containing fruits that are currently in season.

Let's kick start this thing with a breakfast smoothie that'll definitely wake up your taste buds.  The Texas Grapefruit Sunriser Smoothie is chocked full of nutrients thanks to the few key ingredients alongside this tart winter fruit.

via TexasSweet
As your day progresses and you think about having the same boring salad for lunch again...why not pump it up with a Citrus-Walnut Dressing that will liven up those leaves?  Make a larger batch and store it in the fridge for an easy addition to any salad.

via offbeatandinspired
It's now time to leave work and return home.  As you leave your car to walk to your front door, you're greeted by that cold winter chill and realize you want something warm and comforting for dinner.  That means it's time for this Vegetarian Black Bean Chili.   It offers the comfort flavors and earthiness you find in most chilis, but has a cut of brightness by the 2 oranges you'll use to make this recipe.

via bonappetit

And if your sweet tooth starts talking to you, try this delicious dessert.  You'll want to have this prepared ahead of time (so maybe it's a weekend recipe to try)...Caramel-Tangerine Parfaits are creamy, dreamy, crunchy, and fresh.  And remember-it's giving you a good dose of vitamin c so don't feel bad about having dessert.

via delish
Here's to good eating!