Friday, July 20, 2012

25 Easy Ways To Go Green!

Going green can be done one step at a time.  There's no need to do a complete overhaul all in one day.  It's a noble thought, but it's likely to overwhelm you.  Here are 25 easy ways to go green.  Start with one and master it, then add another.  No task is too small.  Get your family members involved to help tackle other tasks.  And remember one person can make a difference!

1. Use a coffee cup or travel mug instead of paper or styrofoam (yikes!) cup at work.  Same goes for a water bottles-use a reusable one at work or the gym.
2. Use reusable grocery bags.
3. Participate in your community's recycling program.
4. Walk or bike less.
5. Go meatless one day a week.
6. Plant flowers and trees in your yard or community.
7. Grow your own herb or vegetable garden.
8. Conserve water-use a rain barrel to water your lawn; turn off the water while brushing your teeth; take shorter showers.
9. Use cloth napkins, towels, and rags instead of paper towels.
10. Shop at your local farmer's market.
11. Unplug electronics when not in use.
12. Use energy saving appliances like Energy Star products.
13. Green your laundry routine by following these tips.
14. Buy products made from organic and recycled materials.
15. Don't buy furniture made of MDF and particle board-better yet try Craigslist and yard sales.
16. Use natural, non toxic cleaners.
17. Sign up to stop receiving junk mail.
18. Use CFL bulbs throughout your house.
19. Reuse/repurpose items-give life to an old item.
20. Actually eat your leftovers.
21. Participate in a clothing swap or shop/sell clothing at a consignment store.
22. Receive and pay bills online.
23. Buy in bulk to save on packaging.
24. Don't litter.

25. Turn in old/expired medications instead of flushing or throwing them out.

Which ways will you go green?

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