Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cute Baby Shower Centerpiece

We're throwing a baby shower for a close friend and along with the diaper cake from last week, we were also inspired by this Pinterest post for a watermelon-cantaloupe baby centerpiece.  We tried it out...and it's too cute!  We've decided not only is it a great way to serve fruit to the guests, but it's a knock-out table centerpiece idea too!

*This project takes approximately 30 minutes to complete - more time is needed if you plan on taking pictures throughout the process :)

Here's what you'll need:
1 large watermelon
2 cantaloupes
Assorted fruit (we used purple & green grapes, blueberries, strawberries, and kiwis)
Ice cream scoop
Melon Baller-preferably one with 2 scoop sizes
Vegetable peeler
1 large sharp knife
1 small paring knife
7 toothpicks
1 pacifier
Container for "discarded" watermelon

1. Estimate where the halfway point is in your watermelon (lengthwise) and where the 1/3 point is (width wise).  Make your cuts and remove the wedge of watermelon.  Begin scooping out the inside of the watermelon.

2.  Scoop out 80-85% of the watermelon, especially in the "back" of the carriage.  The more watermelon you scoop out, the more fruit you will have to use to fill it back up.

3. Next, cut the rind off one of the cantelopes.

4.  Once the rind has been removed, use a peeler to shave off any green parts and place "head" in the watermelon carriage.

5.  Next, scoop out an indention for the pacifier.  Align the pacifier with the indention and secure with toothpicks.  Our toothpicks went into the 2 small holes in the pacifier.

6. Slice into the 2nd cantaloupe and using your smaller scoop size on your melon baller, scoop out one ball for the nose.  Secure it to the head using 1 toothpick.

7.  Scoop out 2 more balls from the 2nd cantaloupe using the larger scoop size and using toothpicks, secure one ball on each side of the head, as ears. Also pick out 2 similar sized purple grapes for the eyes and secure into the cantaloupe with toothpicks.

8.  Slightly angle head up, so baby appears to be looking up from carriage.  Begin filling watermelon with assorted fruit and balls from the remaining watermelon and cantaloupe.

9. Add fruit to bottom of carriage as garnish an voila...your centerpiece is complete!

10.  Put your centerpiece out on the table and watch your guests ooh and ahh over your work.

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