Friday, October 19, 2012

Easy (Recycled) Halloween Decor

Fall is in the air and that fun candy giving (and getting) holiday is right around the corner.  Many people rush out to the stores to get the newest costume or decorations for their homes and yards, but we've found a few fun crafts to spruce up your place this Halloween, and they are all made from recycled items.

Baby food jars can be used for so many things after they've been cleaned out.  Why not save a couple to craft something fun-like these bats from

Or if your family goes through a gallon or so of milk a week, you can hang onto those jugs to craft some ghoulish ghosts with a little help from your Christmas light collection.

Family Fun

Have some scrap paper or an old, unused book?  Put the pages together to form these pretty pumpkin pieces.  View the tutorial on how to make this pumpkin on

If you can save a cereal box or two from your recycling bin, you and your kiddo can create some silly or scary monsters like these from

And if you have an empty wine bottle or two...or three lying around, why not trying turning them into these adorable candy corn or pumpkin decorations?

These candy corn bottles were created with spray paint and a small ribbon-from Ashbee Design

Got any other fun decorating or costume ideas made from recycled goods?  We'd love for you to share them with us!

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