Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Ridding Yourself of the Unwanted

So you've gone through your closets, pantry, and drawers and realized...there's a bunch of stuff here I don't want.  So get rid of it!  If it's something you haven't worn in over 6 months-get rid of it.  If it hasn't expired, but has sat in your pantry for several months and you have no intention of using it-get rid of it.  If it has expired and has sat in your pantry (or refrigerator)-get rid of it FAST!

Once you've pulled out all of the unwanted things-be it clothing, food, or knick knacks-sort it into two or three categories.  1.) Donate 2.) Trash  3.)Sell (only if you really, really, REALLY think you can and will sell it).

If food is past its prime-toss it.  If you have unopened items that are still good, think about donating it to a homeless shelter or food drive.

You have several options if the unwanted item is clothing.  If they are in good condition you could sell them in a garage sale or to a consignment store.  You can also just donate them to Goodwill or The Salvation Army to get them out of your house.  For t-shirts in poor condition-turn them into rags to clean the house or wash the car.  Jeans can sometimes be cut into shorts, turned into a skirt, or even a purse.  Old sweaters can be turned into mittens or even pillows!

Collect the miscellaneous items hiding in drawers like batteries, old electronics, the excessive amounts of plastic grocery bags, or even old appliances hiding out in your garage and find out where you can donate them.  Some companies will even come to your house to pick up items free of charge.

Now that the clutter has been cleared stay tuned for the next post about what products can help you stay organized.

Happy Cleaning!

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