Monday, June 2, 2014

Meatless Monday: Mushroom Inspired Super-Foods

These new Meatless Monday recipes disguise a great veggie like mushrooms, into some irresistible and delicious entrees that the whole family can enjoy. Mushrooms have been considered a super-food as they are a great source of vitamin D and calcium and are one of the greatest foods to help boost your immune system.  According to, cooking them brings out more muscle building potassium, as opposed to eating them raw, which might help babies and young children, chew and swallow them more easily.  The following recipes are a great way to use the grill and step outside to enjoy the beginning of a new summer month!

First, are these absolutely scrumptious Mini Portobello Burgers from Country Living. Treat you and your family to an outside dinner with these perfect-sized burgers and enjoy summer before it gets too hot.
Mini Portobello Burgers
Vegetable Kabobs, from Life As Mom blogger, Jessica Fisher, are also a great grilling meal that are made just perfect with some mushrooms thrown into the mix (with such pretty colors, maybe the kiddos won't even notice they're eating healthy stuff)!

Substituting the meat in a kid-favorite meal for a meatless option is another yummy way to introduce this super-food into your child's diet. This yummy Mushroom Parmesan spin from KitchMe is an exceptional recipe that you and your family can enjoy.

Mushroom Parmesan

To see more recipes for this amazing super-food check out our Pinterest Meatless Monday board. Have a happy Monday filled with good eating!

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