Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Green Spaces For Any Home

Summertime allows us to spend more time outside enjoying nature and all its glory.  We've wrangled up some beautiful and creative outdoor spaces that you can use at home too.

Need some privacy?  These tall ornamental grasses in tubs are perfect to block your neighbor's view into your yard and offer the ability to be placed where ever you see fit.  Add casters to the bottom of the tubs to allow for easy mobility.
Dave's Garden via Driven By Decor

Stones strategically placed together make for one whimsical chair.  Imagine reading a book, sipping a lemonade on a warm, sunshine-y day in this spot!

Crush Cul de Sac
Or take a tree that's been cut down and slice the trunk into "cookies" to create one of a kind walk way pavers.

Grows On You
Reusing old shutters to create this nook would be magical.  Have a tea party a la Alice and Wonderland in a space like this!

Cottage in the Oaks

Check out other green spaces on our Green Spaces Pinterest board!

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